Five Reasons to Invite Cannabis to Thanksgiving Dinner

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To any cannabis user, the prospect of adding Cannabis to your Thanksgiving celebration is an exciting one. You don’t have to reach too far to imagine it playing out. It’s intuitive. It makes sense in all the right ways. In fact, aside from the risk of burning the food (since your phone has a handy dandy timer, it’s all gravy, so no worries there), it might be the best move you make this holiday. Here are a few of the reasons Cannabis and Thanksgiving are a dope combination that go together like Turkey and stuffing:

  1. Food, food, and more food.

    Whether you use cannabis to help you gorge yourself to the point where you question your self-respect, to appreciate your food that much more, or to infuse your food for a post-meal high, cannabis is your ticket to taking the fullest advantage of the day when you’re encouraged to eat yourself sick. The munchies can be a slippery slope. Before you know it, you’ve cleared out your pantry and need to lay down starfish-style to stretch out your stuffed belly. You’re not special. We’ve all been there. On Thanksgiving, though, you have society’s blessing to eat half a pumpkin pie, so there’s no better time to indulge. On the flip side, if your appetite is low for whatever reason, Cannabis is a solid way to muster up some hunger so that you can finish your plate. If you’re going the infusion route, a quick Google search will deliver thousands of recipes and tips for using cannabis in your food.
  1. To fuel good conversations.

    Most stoners have countless, nostalgic memories of hours-long chats with their buddies across someone’s blunt-burned, hand-me-down coffee table, or in the old clunker you drove around before you could afford a ride with windows that don’t have to be cranked open. For many of us, these were cannabis-fueled explorations of interesting (albeit often abstract) ideas, which were probably some combination of funny, stupid, intellectually stimulating, diverting, debate-instigating and memorable. If you spend an entire day (or several) with your family, they’re bound to run out of ways to grill you about your love life or pressure you and your partner to give them grandkids. Your siblings will tucker themselves out bragging about the sick promotions they just got, and you’ll exhaust all of the ways to answer the “what have you been up to?” question without revealing that you mostly just work, watch Netflix, and putter around the gym once in a while. Cannabis can be a really good way for conversations that transcend basic life updates to arise naturally.
  2. To achieve a low-stress, low-key, conflict-free holiday with your family.

    I know, I know. Take this one with a grain of salt, and remember that everyone’s family is nuts. In all likelihood, your dad is still going to say something passive aggressive that will leave your mom in a weird, moody place for the next two hours, or vice versa. Or your eccentric aunt will spend two hours trying to sell you the lipstick she promotes on Facebook. Knowing that your family will still be your family, you can take a step that’s very likely to tone things way down, maybe even down far enough that everyone can get through a family dinner without any rises in blood pressure.

    You know that feeling when you’ve finally reunited with your pot after an especially long day that really tried your patience, and you get a little high and suddenly feel like you might have maybe overreacted a teeny tiny bit earlier and things are not quite as catastrophic as you thought? We all know that cannabis mellows people out. Some of us attribute our lack of road rage solely to the fact that there’s a blunt waiting at home and all will soon be well. There’s a reason that so many people turn to weed to manage stress and anxiety, and that’s because it’s a legitimate and powerful tool that genuinely helps people calm the hell down. It’s not a bad thing to have on your side during Thanksgiving.
  3. To help alleviate the inevitable political debate or decades-old argument that somehow always invades the conversation.

    This one speaks for itself. We could all do with less of this, especially during a holiday that usually involves a glass of wine or five for half of the people at the table. Cannabis chills people out, and chilled out people are less argumentative than their sober selves. Everybody wins.
  4. To enjoy a toke with your loved ones (and maybe indoctrinate Grandma into the Stoner Fam).

    Maybe if the whole family has a little toke, the lines of the familial roles we’ve all settled into will soften, and everyone can just relax and have a laugh together. Some unfortunate souls’ families don’t embrace Cannabis, and if you relate to that plight, you might have to recruit the interested parties and gather in the back yard to take a few hits before you stuff your faces. For those who aren’t really sure where their families fall on the Willingness to Partake spectrum, it’s worth asking. As legalization becomes more common, cannabis-related information becomes more accessible, and the general public warms up to the idea of pot, lots of old-school minds are changing. Your family might already be smoking up a storm right under your nose. Even if they’re not, you could still be surprised at the answers you get. Maybe your parents have known they raised a stoner since they found your stash in high school, and maybe they still have no idea their little angel’s lungs aren’t so pristine. Either way, shoot your shot if you feel compelled. It can be especially cool and memorable to share the experience of Cannabis with the people you love, and there are few better opportunities than Thanksgiving.

So choose how you want to invite Cannabis to the Thanksgiving table, and let it work its magic. A word to the wise, though: honor the tradition of taking a long walk after you unleash your munchies on an unsuspecting mound of butter-covered mashed potatoes. You won’t regret it.

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