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The Cartel Glass Blunt El Jefe Edition

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This product is guaranteed for life - The Pot Luck Co. will repair/replace the item should you experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage.

    Pro Tips

    Keeping the cherry lit - Like in the video above, leave small gaps of oxygen to keep your cherry lit. The trick is to also hit it right after you twist-to-ash.

    Cleaning - Each Cartel Glass Blunt is simple to clean by running water through the tube and using the brush to get the fine holes in the mouth piece. For the best results, we highly recommend using our Cartel Revive Cleaning Solution.

    After washing, we recommend to fully dry the Cartel Glass Blunt before assembling it all together. The mouthpiece has rubber o-rings to keep the piece fully intact so that no air/smoke leaks. However the downside is that it becomes super resistant when moist and can cause breakage when reassembling.

    Silicone Caps -  Avoid capping the Cartel Glass Blunt while hot as it can distort and warp the silicone cap.

    Customer Reviews

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    The CARTEL

    The Cartel absolutely Amazing!!! it's so convenient, efficient, easy to use, smooth, well-built and not to mention stylish... well worth the price!


    I puchased the piece as a birthday gift, and it was a success. She loved the new pieces we packed it right away a and put it to use. I will be ordering another for my self.

    Great purchase

    One are that could be improved is the corkscrew. I find that even after cleaning the pipe it’s hard to twist. Is there a way the corkscrew could spin separately from the o-rings?

    Hi thanks for your feedback, K Dub. The O-rings are needed not only to keep the pieces together but to prevent air/smoke from leaking when in use. After cleaning, we suggest it to be fully dried in order to work normally. Hope this helps :)
    The Cartel Glass Blunt El Jefe Edition

    Came in on time and I'm super excited bought it for my husband for anniversary and he loves it thank you so much perfect wedding anniversary!!!!

    Happy anniversary from team! Thanks Jennifer

    I love it, very well packaged.

    Thanks Nancy! We take our packaging serious for a better customer experience!

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