About Us

Back in 2016, when the Pot Luck was just two co-founders Melo & Noel working out of a basement in Toronto, it was hard to find welcoming smoke shops for new and smoking connoisseurs. Smoke shops seemed out of touch, sketchy and everything that propel the stigma around cannabis - a plant that has so much potential to positively change lives. We are a original true lifestyle brand overarching many collections yet to come. The Cartel Collection is our very first. Bringing you a unique style, heavily influenced by the art and urban culture of Toronto, to the smoking community around the world. With the progression of cannabis being widely more accepted around North America, Pot Luck offers a more premium & urban side to the industry. We stand out to give a lifestyle experience that is more approachable.

Why Buy Pot Luck?

LIFETIME WARRANTY - Breaks, malfunctions with your piece? We replace and/or repair for free.

TRUSTED BY - celebrities and public figures like OVO, Kehlani, Matt Barnes, NELK, OVO Ryan, OB Obrien, Ana Montana and many more.

WORLDWIDE & DISCREET SHIPPING - Based in Toronto, Canada but we reach worldwide. 

Our team personally read every email, review, comment... so please, if you have any questions or feedback, contact us below and we'll answer you right away.

Email: support@thepotluckshop.com